Chain Puzzles

Christopher Hernandez
12 min readMay 18, 2024


If you’re a fan of brain-teasing challenges and are always on the lookout for the next mental workout, then our Chain Puzzle roundup is just what you need. In this article, we’ve rounded up the top chain puzzles available on the market, each designed to provide hours of entertainment and satisfaction as you work your way through intricate patterns and challenging twists.

The Top 9 Best Chain Puzzles

  1. Hanayama USHY34 Loop Chain Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle — Experience the world-renowned Hanayama USHY34 Loop Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle — a beautifully crafted, addictive challenge that combines timeless design with unparalleled collectability.
  2. Chain Gang Brain Puzzle (Moderate Difficulty) — Experience the thrill of escaping from a chain gang with The Chain Gang Brain Puzzle — a moderately challenging glass puzzle designed for ages 14 and up, weighing just 0.34 kilograms.
  3. True Genius Chain Puzzle: Chain & Anchor — Solve the dual challenge of the Chain & Anchor puzzle by disentangling the chain from the intricate anchor and disassembling the anchor, enhancing problem-solving skills for everyone age 8 and up.
  4. Hanayama Wire Puzzle Set — Red: Levels 2–5 Difficulty for Brain Teasers — Test your mental strength with the Hanayama Wire Puzzle Set — Red, an impressive cast puzzle designed like a medal award, challenging you with its Level 2 (of 5) difficulty.
  5. Funiverse 24 Bulk Metal Brain Teaser Bar Puzzles — Endless Chain Puzzle Fun! — Unleash endless fun and brain-teasing challenges with the Funiverse 24 Bulk Metal Brain Teaser Bar Puzzles, perfect for kids and adults of all ages.
  6. Hanayama Challenging Chain Puzzle — Knight Edition — Experience the challenge of Hanayama Cast Puzzle Premium Series, where solving the knight’s chess puzzle reveals a symbol of good fortune and luck.
  7. Dustin Chain Hook Teakwood Chain Puzzle — Solve the mysteries of the Chain Puzzle Teakwood Teakwood Bloomsbury Market, a challenging yet elegant Java artisan creation.
  8. Twist-E-Beads Puzzle Chain: Unravel the Fun and Challenging Chain Puzzle — Satisfy your need for mental and tactile stimulation with the Twist-E-Beads Puzzle Chain, a fun and stress-relieving chain puzzle.
  9. BSIRI Classic Snake Puzzle Cube for Adults and Brain Trainers — Master the BSIRI Snake Puzzle Cube Classic Games (M Size) for a challenging, educational, and fun-filled brain teaser experience in a beautifully crafted, 100% natural wood set.

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Hanayama USHY34 Loop Chain Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle


I recently tried out the Hanayama USHY34 Loop Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle and it quickly became my go-to activity when I needed a break from my daily routine. It’s a clever and addictive challenge that will keep your mind sharp. The puzzle pieces are made of high-quality metal, giving it a premium feel in your hands.

Despite its modest difficulty level of 1, I found this puzzle to be surprisingly satisfying and engaging. Its compact size made it perfect for carrying around and solving whenever I had a free moment.

However, while its design is visually appealing and straightforward, the solution to the puzzle can be a bit tricky to find, which might discourage some users from attempting it again. But overall, the Hanayama USHY34 Loop Cast Metal Brain Teaser Puzzle is a fantastic addition to any puzzle enthusiast’s collection, providing both fun and mental stimulation.

Chain Gang Brain Puzzle (Moderate Difficulty)


Welcome to the intriguing world of “The Chain Gang” Brain Puzzle! Boasting a moderately challenging level of difficulty, this game is a must-try for those aged 14 and above. Designed with glass material for a premium touch, the package weighs just 0.34 kilograms, making it a great option for on-the-go entertainment.

The goal is to release the black ring from the red chain and then reattach it as a prisoner — a nod to the historical chain gangs. However, with any challenge comes the desire for success, so players must be quick and determined to escape the dilemma. “The Chain Gang” provides entertainment and mental stimulation, all while staying true to its playful and engaging concept.

True Genius Chain Puzzle: Chain & Anchor


The Chain and Anchor, also known as True Genius, is a captivating dual puzzle designed for kids aged 8 and above. With a moderate difficulty rating of 4 out of 5, this engaging toy challenges players to unravel both the chain and the intricately designed anchor, testing their disentanglement skills and ingenuity.

Perfect for those who crave a good brain teaser, this puzzle presents an exciting journey towards reassembling the pieces.

Hanayama Wire Puzzle Set — Red: Levels 2–5 Difficulty for Brain Teasers


Experience the thrill of solving a mental puzzle similar to earning a sports medal with the Hanayama Wire Puzzle Set in a vibrant red color. This 2.76-inch-by-3-inch cast puzzle offers a challenging workout for your brain and feels like a well-deserved reward once solved. Designed by Oskar Van Deventer, this Level 2 difficulty puzzle is meticulously crafted by Puzzle Master, a renowned Canadian company that specializes in adding unique flair to traditional puzzle designs.

With dimensions of approximately 4.53 inches wide, 4.61 inches tall, and 1.81 inches deep, this sleek wire puzzle is a perfect addition to any brain-training routine or collection.

Funiverse 24 Bulk Metal Brain Teaser Bar Puzzles — Endless Chain Puzzle Fun!


I recently came across the Funiverse 24 Bulk Metal Brain Teaser Bar Puzzles and thought they seemed like an interesting challenge. The 24 different puzzles are made of durable stainless steel with a chrome finish, giving them a sleek and shiny appearance. These metal brain teaser bars have a variety of difficulties, from simple to complex, making them suitable for young learners and older individuals alike.

The set comes with a plastic storage container that makes it easy to store and transport the puzzles. This container is designed to be durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the puzzles stay in good condition for years to come. The steel construction of these brain teasers makes them strong and resilient, perfect for fidgeting and hand-eye coordination development.

I found that these metal brain teaser bars are great for stimulating young minds and children of all ages. They entertain friends, family, and work colleagues for hours, providing a fun and interactive activity. The puzzles are also fantastic for preschool, kindergarten, elementary, homeschool, and middle school children as they help develop motor and hand-eye skills.

Additionally, these metal brain teaser bars can be especially beneficial for children with ADHD, providing them with a constructive and engaging activity to help improve focus and concentration. Overall, the Funiverse 24 Bulk Metal Brain Teaser Bar Puzzles are a great addition to any family’s collection of educational toys and offer a fun and engaging challenge for people of all ages.

Hanayama Challenging Chain Puzzle — Knight Edition


I’ve been quite fascinated by this Hanayama Cast Puzzle Premium Series Chess Puzzle — Knight. It’s not just a puzzle, but a delightful quest to find a lucky charm.

The Knight’s design is intriguing, and solving the level 2 difficulty puzzle makes you feel accomplished. However, I have to admit that assembling it can be quite tricky and time-consuming, which made the initial experience less enjoyable.

Dustin Chain Hook Teakwood Chain Puzzle


Recently, I stumbled upon the Dustin Chain Hook Puzzle teakwood edition at one of my favorite markets, and it was a true testament to puzzling simplicity. This artfully crafted teakwood puzzle, inspired by the intricate designs of the Bloomsbury Market, presented a deceptively simple appearance, promising a mental workout well worth the challenge.

I decided to take it upon myself to find the elusive correct solution. The puzzle was compact yet sturdy, weighing only a quarter pound, a perfect companion to challenge my mind on the go. However, the weight of the challenge was far from trivial. With only one possible solution, I found myself absorbed in the intricate details and pattern of the puzzle, which, upon closer inspection, was not as straightforward as it initially appeared.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I found myself at a loss. The puzzle proved to be more demanding than anticipated, leaving me with the lingering feeling of satisfaction while also piquing my curiosity for the solution. The Chain Hook Puzzle teakwood edition from the Bloomsbury Market provided an alluring, albeit confounding, mental workout that, even in its defeat, intrigued me to delve deeper into its captivating world of teakwood magic.

Twist-E-Beads Puzzle Chain: Unravel the Fun and Challenging Chain Puzzle


Twist-E-Beads Puzzle Chain offers a fun and engaging way to keep your hands and mind occupied. This chain is perfect for those moments when you need a distraction or need to focus your thoughts.

With its tactile beads, you can rotate them to create unique shapes and arrangements. It’s an ideal addition to your office desk, a waiting room, or even a way to pass the time. The Twist-E-Beads Puzzle Chain is a great way to alleviate stress and boredom while keeping your hands busy.

BSIRI Classic Snake Puzzle Cube for Adults and Brain Trainers


Experience the thrill of solving a wooden brain teaser with the Snake Cube Puzzle (size M of 6x6x6 cm). This 3D puzzle challenge features 27 cubes connected by an elastic string, all made from responsibly sourced, natural monkey pod wood. The goal is to arrange the chain cubes into a perfect 3x3x3 cube, testing your mental acumen.

Each puzzle comes with its own storage box, ensuring all pieces stay well-organized and safe to handle by children. The smooth, toxins, and odor-free wood adds an element of sophistication and durability to this captivating puzzle set.

Buyer’s Guide

Chain puzzles, also known as jigsaw puzzles or tangles, are a fun and challenging way to exercise your cognitive skills and enjoy some quality alone time or with friends and family. These puzzles come in various shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty, catering to different preferences and skill levels. In this guide, we’ll dive into the important features and considerations to keep in mind before purchasing a chain puzzle, as well as some general advice to make the most out of your puzzle-solving experience.

Materials and Construction

Chain puzzles are typically made of plastic or wooden pieces, each attached at the ends to form a chain. The quality and durability of the puzzle depend on the materials used and the level of craftsmanship. Look for puzzles with sturdy, non-breakable pieces. It is also essential that the pieces can easily fit together without causing damage to the interlocking areas. Additionally, consider the thickness of the puzzle’s edges, as this can impact how the puzzle sits on a table surface.

Puzzle Size and Piece Count

The size of a chain puzzle determines its level of difficulty and how much space it will require for solving. Smaller puzzles with fewer pieces are more suitable for beginners or children, while larger puzzles with more intricate designs and numerous pieces challenge experienced puzzle solvers. Consider your skill level and available space when choosing the puzzle size. Puzzle box dimensions should also be taken into account, as you may need to find a suitable surface to work on.

Puzzle Design and Difficulty

Chain puzzles come in various designs, ranging from simple grids to more complex geometric patterns and intricate themed designs. The difficulty level of a puzzle is usually determined by the number of pieces and the complexity of the design. Beginners should opt for simpler puzzles, while more experienced puzzle solvers can challenge themselves with intricate designs. Some puzzles even boast multiple solution paths, adding an additional layer of complexity to the puzzle-solving experience.

Accessories and Storage

While not all chain puzzles come with added accessories, some manufacturers provide puzzle trays, storage boxes, or even a reference poster to help you keep track of your progress. Consider if these additional features can enhance your puzzle-solving experience or make long-term organization easier. Proper storage is also important to maintain the puzzle’s quality and integrity, so look for storage solutions that are durable and can easily accommodate the puzzle size.


What is a Chain Puzzle?

A Chain Puzzle, also known as a Chain Reaction Puzzle, is a challenging and entertaining game that involves using a series of interconnected chains to create a chain reaction. The goal is to remove all the links from the chain or complete a specific objective by manipulating the interconnected segments.

These puzzles come in various designs, sizes, and levels of difficulty, making them suitable for beginners and experienced puzzle enthusiasts alike. Chain Puzzles are an excellent way to stimulate problem-solving skills and provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Some popular Chain Puzzle brands include Tsubota Pearl, Jelkien, and MagLev.

What materials are commonly used to make Chain Puzzles?

Chain Puzzles are typically made from durable and high-quality materials to ensure that they can withstand frequent use without breaking or wearing down. Some of the most common materials used for Chain Puzzles include stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic. These materials offer a combination of durability, lightweight, and aesthetic appeal that makes them popular choices for puzzle manufacturers.

Stainless steel, in particular, is an excellent choice for Chain Puzzles due to its strength, corrosion resistance, and sleek appearance. Aluminum is another popular material that is lightweight and offers good durability. Plastic, on the other hand, is often used for more affordable and kid-friendly Chain Puzzles, offering a colorful and fun design.

How do I solve a Chain Puzzle?

Solving a Chain Puzzle requires patience, strategy, and a bit of trial and error. Here are some general tips to help you get started:

  1. Study the puzzle and its objective. Understanding the rules and aim of the puzzle will help you develop a plan to achieve success. 2. Break the puzzle down into smaller sections. Start by focusing on a specific segment or portion of the puzzle to make it more manageable and less overwhelming. 3. Experiment with different moves and combinations. Don’t be afraid to try out different strategies and see how they impact the puzzle, even if they seem wrong at first.

As you gain experience and confidence, you will develop better problem-solving skills and be able to tackle more complex Chain Puzzle challenges. Keep practicing, and you’ll become a Chain Puzzle master in no time! Some popular resources for solving Chain Puzzles include online tutorials, forums, and social media groups dedicated to the game.

Are Chain Puzzles suitable for children?

Yes, Chain Puzzles can be an excellent choice for children. They are suitable for various age groups and skill levels, offering both entertainment and educational value. For young children, there are simpler and more colorful Chain Puzzle designs available, which can help develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. As they grow older, they can progress to more challenging puzzles, which can further enhance their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

However, parents should always supervise their children’s Chain Puzzle playtime and ensure that the puzzle they are using is age-appropriate and safe. Some Chain Puzzles can have small parts or sharp edges, which can pose a risk to children if not handled properly. Look for Chain Puzzle brands that prioritize child safety and offer age-appropriate products.

What are some benefits of playing Chain Puzzles?

Playing Chain Puzzles offers numerous benefits, both for individuals and in group settings. Here are some of the main advantages:

  1. Improved problem-solving skills. Chain Puzzles require strategic thinking and the ability to plan and execute moves. As a result, playing these puzzles can help improve your overall problem-solving abilities, making you better equipped to tackle challenges in other areas of life.
  2. Increased patience and focus. Mastering a Chain Puzzle can be a time-consuming process, often requiring several attempts before achieving success. Developing patience and focus during this process can lead to improved mental resilience and better performance in other activities that require concentration and persistence.

What are some of the most popular brands of Chain Puzzles?

There are several well-known and respected brands that manufacture Chain Puzzles, each offering unique designs and features. Some of the most popular brands include:

  1. Tsubota Pearl: Known for their high-quality chain puzzles featuring premium materials like stainless steel and elegant designs. 2. Jelkien: Offers a variety of Chain Puzzles, catering to different skill levels and preferences, often with innovative and intricate designs.
  2. MagLev: Specializes in magnetic chain puzzles, providing users with an exciting and challenging twist on the classic Chain Puzzle concept. 4. ThinkFun: A popular puzzles brand that offers a variety of Chain Puzzles suitable for children and adults, with a strong focus on educational and fun gameplay experiences.

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